Sunday, March 13, 2011

Anew Age-Transforming Concealer SPF 15 Review

I thought I would try the Anew Age-Transforming Concealer with SPF 15 to see if I liked it or not. I got the lightest shade that was available, Natural Fair. My complexion is very light, Anew_concealerand I find it hard to actually get foundations and concealers, especially concealers, that work with my skin tone.

I have to say, I was not too impressed with this concealer. First of all, the shade I picked was not light enough for my skin tone. It looked a bit orange against my skin, and even after using the the Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation over it my friends still noticed it was there.

I didn’t really like the brush applicator either. It was about 1/4th of an inch wide, and it took forever to get the product to come out for the first use. Even then, I had to stop during applying it to twist the applicator to get more product to come out. With the brush applicator, it was also hard to get the right amount to apply smoothly at any given time. Most of the time, the middle was applied very thin, and the brush spread the product to the sides. With one swipe, I could go from too much product, to not enough. This is definitely not good for under the eyes.

While wearing the product, besides it being seen by my friends numerous times, I didn’t really feel it there. It was the same light-weight product that I would expect from Avon.

Price is very important to me as a consumer. This is one of the more expensive concealer out there, the ones like this with similar applicators or SPF 15 protection are about the same price, but usually run a bit less. Avon always has great specials on their products though. I suggest to wait for a sale before trying this product if you would like to experience it for yourself.


Coverage 2Stars5
Weight 3Stars_thumb2
Durability 4_5Stars5
Benefits 3Stars_thumb2
Price 2_5Stars
Overall 3Stars_thumb2
What do the ratings mean?



There are currently no specials for the Avon Age-Transforming Concealer with SPF 15 at this time. Continue to check back on my online Avon Store for more information and the latest prices!

How to Use

To apply the Anew Age-Transforming Concealer with SPF 15 you will need to twist the bottom of the applicator until the product begins to show through the brush. Then, ‘paint’ on directly to your problem areas.

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Liz Lane is currently a stay at home mother of 2 and Avon representative. I have been a representative since November 2010 and I love helping others with all of their makeup and beauty needs.

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