Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation Review

I have been using the Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation in Light Ivory since I started selling Avon. I have a very pale complexion, and it is often hard to find exactly the Cream_to_Powder_IdealShaderight shade when searching for a foundation in department stores. I use to use Almay or Cover Girl, but the lightest shades I could find were still noticeably darker. The Light Ivory is the lightest Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation shade available, but it is available in deeper shades like Dark Cocoa, Sable, and Caramel.

This foundation is the lightest I’ve ever used. It goes on smooth and covers pretty well. Blending the edges is effortless when you have the right shade. My best advise is to either get some samples from an Avon Representative in your area, or take advantage of the 100% moneyback guarantee and try out the closest shade to your complexion. If it’s not right for you, send it back and swap it out with another color until you find the right one.

I work 10 hour days and have never noticed this foundation to wear off without some heavy rubbing or water. To clean it off at night, I usually use a baby wipe (because I have a one year old and they are plentiful around my house) before washing my face off to make sure I get it all.

The Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation is also advertised with SPF 15. This is great because I tend to burn very easy. I haven’t really put this to the test yet, but I probably will this summer.

It also comes with it’s own makeup sponge for easy application, and it is hidden underneath the makeup layer of the compact. I love this because it means the makeup from the sponge isn’t coming in contact with the mirror so the mirror stays clean. It does make the compact thicker of course, but that doesn’t bother me so much since it still fits in my small makeup bag.

As far as price goes, I think it’s pretty acceptable. You can go to Wal-Mart and pick up a cheaper foundation without even trying, but they are usually very heavy and in some cases oily. I prefer to rank this foundation up there with the more expensive ones that have many more benefits. Of course, Avon often has sales on their makeup products, so catching this product on sale is never an issue.


Coverage 5Stars9
Weight 5Stars9
Durability 4_5Stars
Benefits 4_5Stars
Price 3_5Stars
Overall 4_5Stars
What do the ratings mean?



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How to Use

The Ideal Shade Cream-to-Powder Foundation comes with it’s own makeup sponge that is hidden under the makeup itself. Apply the foundation with the sponge all over your face, blending the edges below the jawline.

You can even apply a layer of this on your brow and lid to give a nice, smooth base for your eye makeup.

About the Author

Liz Lane is currently a stay at home mother of 2 and Avon representative. I have been a representative since November 2010 and I love helping others with all of their makeup and beauty needs.

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