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Ideal Shade Concealer Stick Review

The truth is, I use to hate wearing concealer. I’ve never had the clearest skin, and the most of the concealers I’ve tried have been oily, chalky, heavy, or too dark. I have a very pale complexion, so getting a color that’s light enough for me is very hard to do.

IdealShade_ConcealerStickWhen I started Avon, I decided to try this concealer because it looked mess-free and easy to use. I realized pretty quickly that, with any foundation, concealer, or powder, I would have to use the lightest shade. After finding a foundation sample that disappeared when blended into my upper jawline, I knew that the Ideal Shade Concealer Stick in Fair was my best choice.

Out of the box, I fell in love with this concealer. It is very easy to apply, and is the perfect side (about 3.5 inches long and less than half an inch wide for application).

“Paul Innis, a world-renowned color expert, says ‘for blemishes, it’s best to use a concealer that matches your skin tone. But for undereye circles, go one or two shades lighter. Trying to match your complexion won’t give you the lift your eyes need.’

“As one of the most in-demand celebrity makeup artists, Paul has perfected the looks of many ‘A-List’ stars and internationally recognized supermodels. His work appeared in top beauty magazines. And now he shares his treasured trade secrets with you. Paul has worked with the Avon color lab to develop an expanded shade palette…so now there’s a more precise match for everyone.”Avon

While I still believe that getting a shade or two lighter may be sound advice for some, I couldn’t go any lighter. I mainly use the concealer for some very dark undereye circles as you can see in the image on the left. The image on the right is a picture of the same eye after foundation and the Ideal Shade Concealer Stick is applied. The difference is clear.

image 1 – undereye circles with foundation only
image 2 – undereye circles after applying
Ideal Shade Concealer Stick

The Ideal Shade Concealer Stick goes on smooth and is very light-weight for a concealer. I found that it works great with my undereye circles, but for some of my darker blemishes it does not work as well. While I don’t expect every blemish to disappear completely, I feel this product could probably do a slightly better job, but overall it’s not that bad.

It lasts for most of the day. I use to also work 10 hours a day at a desk job, and I rub my eyes a lot, especially when tired. I didn’t notice any real wear until the last couple of hours of my shift, if at all.

There’s no listed benefits added to this product that don’t involve covering blemishes, but I believe it does a great job at that.

The Ideal Shade Concealer Stick has a very modest price. When searching for other concealers, it seems to be a bit cheaper than most overall. It’s about average in price when compared to other concealer sticks on the market. The best thing about Avon products is that they will often be on sale.


Coverage 4_5Stars5
Weight 5Stars10
Durability 4Stars5
Benefits 3_5Stars
Price 3_5Stars
Overall 4Stars5

What do the ratings mean?


Avon’s Ideal Shade Concealer Stick is currently Buy 1, Get 1 half price! Try this great product by going to my online Avon Store.

How to Use

First, make sure you pick a shade that is right for you. Apply the concealer by smoothing it over any problem areas. The concealer can be used under the eye or anywhere else on the face. Once you have applied it where you need, blend it in until you can no longer see the edges. You can use your fingers to blend or a makeup sponge. I personally use the one that I use for my foundation.

To extend the concealer stick, twist the casing.

About the Author

Liz Lane is currently a stay at home mother of 2 and Avon representative. I have been a representative since November 2010 and I love helping others with all of their makeup and beauty needs.

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